Aggressive Analytics is your number one consulting source for improving health system operations - both in terms of internal performance improvement and in terms of executing strategies that favorably position organizations for impending changes in the marketplace.

Members of our team have worked as senior executives at Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial payors, providers, and patient organizations and have successfully led numerous initiatives that have improved lives and added billions of dollars in value for their organizations.

We surpass the competition, not only in price but also in value as well, and we look forward to working with you to improve your organization's performance.
May 4. 2011 |  AAI supports  CMS' ICD-10 implementation handbook and training modules for state medicaid agencies.
May 10. 2010 |  Presentation Provider, Health Thyself or Tag, You're It: The Changing World of Provider Payment is posted.
July 24. 2009 |  Presentation Medicaid: A Safety Net in Need of a Patch is posted.
January 26. 2009 |  Presentation on Value-Based Purchasing is posted.
January 6. 2009 |  Staff blog at MedicaidFirstAid named top
Medicaid policy blog.
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